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The Iron Skies

A Primer for New Sky Sailors

Written by Captain Arlan Drake, Edited by

A Preface

What are The Skies? Why are they? How are they? These are questions that many a young lad and lass have asked of their parents over the years, myself and you, the reader, included. Unfortunately, despite all that we as adults would like to think we are so much wiser, these are questions that we ourselves are still entirely ill equipped to answer. Certainly we can tell the children what the skies are, describing them in great length and detail, but when it comes to the answer of how or why they came to be, even we still look upon this world with a certain childlike wonder and are forced to merely answer that we do not know for certain. For as long as anyone can remember, for as long as history has been recorded, The Skies have simply always been. Certainly there are many theories as to their origins, and why this fact is, but no one can really agree…

But what are these Skies, you may persist in asking. After all, it’s doubtful you picked up this tome to read the philosophical musings of some old ship captain, correct? Well then, perhaps we should get started.

The Table of Contents

Chapter One: In Which We Discuss The General Makeup of The Skies

Chapter Two: In Which We Discuss The Day to Day Life In The Skies

Chapter Three In Which We Discuss The Magic and Religions Of The Skies

Chapter Four In Which We Discuss The Races Of The Skies

Chapter Five: In Which We Discuss The Regions and Islands of The Skies

Chapter Six: In Which We Discuss The Major National Powers Of The Skies

Chapter Seven: In Which We Discuss The Guilds and Orders Of The Skies

Chapter Eight: In Which We Discuss The Technological Marvels Of The Skies

Chapter Nine: In Which We Discuss Creatures, Both Benign and Dangerous

A Glossary of Terms

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